Bedroom Furniture - Trusting Traditional

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If you want your home interior to transcend time and trends, consider a traditional theme that breathes the glory of Europe's history. While this type of design can be adjusted to create a casual look, traditional furniture more often leans towards providing a formal ambiance to your living space.

Traditional home decor will have your color choices limited to neutral or jewel tones but they'll provide the fun of wall papers and stencils which are two staples of traditional design. When it comes to fabrics, you'll find that you have quite a sea of choices. Your upholstery and windows will look gorgeous with brocades and tapestries, those windows magnificent with a layering of sheer curtains and drapes. Dining tables are enlivened with chairs covered by patterns and prettied up with throw pillows and blankets. Best thing about traditional fabrics is they never go out of style and always give you the freedom to make something refreshing out of a classic style. A great example is the toile which comes in different hues. The toile has been part of any traditional décor for common living spaces, but it can be quite flexible as curtains or even beddings. It's quite exciting that these fabrics could even double as wallpapers except that they'll be hung and not pasted onto walls.

If you're serious about getting a traditional design your home, you'll be glad to know that the styles come quite abundantly. Before the 20th century, the major European countries had their own unique styles in furniture. A number of these are still evident in traditionally-inspired rooms, and the more recent furniture are but replicas or heavily influenced by their antique inspirations. A lot of these traditional furniture are crafted from rosewood or mahogany. These designs are dominated by Queen Anne and its characteristic curved legs, and the heavily ornamented Rococco pieces which take their characteristic seashell or clam form. Beds such as four posters are often large and weighty. The wood is maintained to keep its natural appearance or polished with stains to retain its original color. Chairs and sofas come with upholstery, which sometimes makes the room look quite cluttered when arranged by someone who is not specially skilled. However, with the right talent guiding the way, traditional furniture should be nothing but beautiful with its elaborate accessorizing.

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Bedroom Furniture - Trusting Traditional

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This article was published on 2010/04/02