Classic Hand Made Pottery Form Turkey With Tradition Of Excellence

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Few items in the world of potteries have tradition of excellence and perfection like the classic handmade pottery from Turkey. Ceramic potteries from Turkey adorning Grand Mosques or Imperial Palaces constitute representation of living and vibrant art for the consumers.

Famous for Handmade Potteries
In fact, Turkey is famous for its handmade classic potteries. Especially the areas around Cappadocia, they are manufactured in plenty and have created a tradition that is existent for centuries. Originating in China, Central Asia, and Iran, pottery making art migrated to Turkey and over the years turned out to be one of its distinctive industries reflecting the rich heritage and tradition of the country and its people. Even in these modern times one can find pottery originated as well as the family owned workshops in the country.

Rich Heritage and Tradition
Turkey and especially Cappadocia has a rich heritage and tradition that goes back to the time of the Hittites. It is believed by historians that the tradition is as old as the 18th century B.C. Others hold the opinion that the tradition of handmade pottery commenced in the country some times during the 15th and 16th century when the Ottoman Empire was in the rulers seat.

Popular Designs
Whether it is ceramic bowl or jars or any other kitchen accessories, there are a few very popular styles that are followed in manufacturing the handmade pottery in Turkey. Rumi, Hatai, and Ottoman Iznik are some such styles and most of these patterns are based on animal and floral designs. Some of the designs like the whirling dervishes are unique to Turkish native technologies in pottery making. While locally the Iznik pattern is more popular, other patterns are equally popular abroad among the antique dealers.

Family Business
Pattern of family owned business and workshops for handmade pottery is still prevalent in most part of Turkey. There are some such workshops that are over two hundred years older. Master potters from different parts of the country are engaged to work in these workshops and they come up with unique, attractive and distinct articles.

Sometimes the traditional and ancient technologies like using the kick wheel and hand painting, glazing and baking are also used by the potters instead of any modern technology. Resultant items like the decorative plates are some of the best creation of art works.
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Classic Hand Made Pottery Form Turkey With Tradition Of Excellence

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This article was published on 2011/02/19