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Jianhua told several media interviews [HC Paper net] "Response to the crisis, we are confident!" One out of the hall, eager to be interviewed by reporters NPC, Li Jianhua, chairman of Huatai Group is very optimistic about our country Papermaking Industry.

"Said the traditional industries, many people will and energy consumption, pollution, backward, sunset industries, and other words associated with, in fact this is the traditional concept of the traditional industries of prejudice." Eleventh National People's Congress, Huatai Group Li Jianhua, chairman of the people present not polite to point out the misunderstanding of traditional industries. He said: "Today the rapid development of technology, traditional industries are advancing with the times, whether in production, development patterns and Environmental protection Energy saving, or in quality, technology level and value terms, are completely unimaginable. "

Traditional industries does not mean that behind the industry

"Tradition does not mean backward, it does not mean do not have the ability to compete in international markets." Jianhua example: "Take the paper industry, the recent China Paper By using high-tech escalation, the overall level of paper already has undergone enormous changes. In Newsprint , Coated Paper And other fields, has been fully with international standards, and even catch up with developed countries, have the strength to compete in international markets. " Li Jianhua, China and Thailand where the group

production operations in paper, chemical, printing, thermal power, forestry and other industries, basically Dushi traditional industry, built the world's largest production base of high-grade newsprint and the largest modern Lv alkali salt chemical base, take the two countries approved the focus of "paper integration" project, is the only industry enterprises have customs supervision through the station, bonded warehouse and logistics resources, local railway companies, groups between the various industries the formation of multiple loop chain with each other and promote each other and relatively independent, both single industry go it alone, or the whole group together Cooperation War, are highly competitive.

"Only backward thinking, not backward industries." Jianhua said: "Tradition and Modernity only one step away. As long as the traditional industry into high-tech and high value-added, fully upgraded to modern industry."

Can not use "sun", "sunset" to divide the industry

People always say that the traditional industry is a "sunset industry", this is a bias in traditional industries. Li Jianhua stressed that, in fact, in some sense, and there is no "sunrise industry", "sunset industry" parts.

Li Jianhua, said, most people think of traditional paper had been "two high" and not be optimistic about the industry. Huatai Group, which just a short six years, become an international competitive modern paper-making base, while rewriting our history of high dependence on imported newsprint, newsprint our country by the importing country to become a net exporter, completed from the ugly duckling to swan's metamorphosis.

The same time, China and Thailand also rely on independent innovation, research and development of 38 g / m? 42 grams / square meter low quantitative newsprint, mastered the "use Paper Quantitative high-level color printing newsprint production of low "production techniques, to break the" world's lightest newsprint, "has been only in Japan and other developed countries to produce situation. Since 2006, China and Thailand newsprint sold in Singapore, Australia, the United States, Britain, Germany more than 60 countries. Huatai Paper of China on behalf of the Group become a competitive advantage in international markets on behalf of business.

Need policies to support more traditional industries

"Traditional industries can be sustained and stable development, depends largely on the country's industrial policy." Jianhua said: "In a number of enterprises in the development of traditional industries, if the lack of policy support, are often a dilemma situation. "

Prevalent in traditional industries, investment, low-margin, higher tax issue. A steel or paper items, ranging from more than ten billion yuan, and several billion. Huatai Group in recent years the introduction of four high-grade newsprint production line, a total investment of nearly 80 billion yuan, while investment on environmental protection energy saving nearly 15 billion, more than 10,000 jobs directly arranged to drive more than 30,000 local jobs.

Traditional industries is an important pillar of the national economy, but also participate in international competition and cooperation in China a major force. "15" years, China and Thailand pay various taxes totaling 30 billion, while with four Fortune 500 companies powerful combination, is the development of power industry's most recognized companies. "Traditional industries have also shoulder enormous social responsibility," Li Jianhua, said: "Most of these enterprises in the less educated workers, if they stop production or lay off, would bring huge employment pressure." "Traditional industries of the state and people's basic production and living, as traditional industry company, at any time can not simply abandon pursuit of profit corporate social responsibility. "Jianhua said.
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Li Jianhua: Can Not Use The Traditional Look At The Traditional Industries (figure) - Li Jianhua,

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Li Jianhua: Can Not Use The Traditional Look At The Traditional Industries (figure) - Li Jianhua,

This article was published on 2010/10/31