Traditional Medicine In Modern Times

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Over the years, there has been a big debate on the significance of traditional medicine in these modern times. The mainstream view of traditional medicine is that it is nothing short of quackery; that not being science-based, or more appropriately, mainstream science-based, traditional treatments are all about duping the gullible.

Traditional medicinewas introduced into the Western world via the East; to be specific, via developingcountries. A number of them are on their way toward economic prosperity and are increasingly turning to science for answers to many of their problems. Be that as it may,these they have not turned their back on traditional medicine. In fact, it is not uncommon for the modern professionals in said countries to seek help from traditional healers.

Many of the traditional healing methods being introduced into the West are founded on Eastern medical philosophies. The philosophy behind these traditional healing methodis basedon howonelives ones daily activities, emphasizing a balance of factors that make heavy demands on ones physical, mental, and emotional resources. Eastern medicine is based on the beliefthat these demands on our time and energy can deplete anybodys resources to the point where a person is weakened and becomes susceptible to disease.

Thetahealing is one of the newer healing systems which originated in the West, but is based on Eastern medical practices and philosophies.Its curative base is meditation and a persons innate capability to cure his/her body of diseases. Proponents believe that when the theta level of the brain is reached (a state of profound relaxation) people get connected to the Creator Of All That Is or God.

Massages are integral to Thetahealing. The belief is that the healing energies of the healer are passed on to the patient through massage. There is also that belief that the contact through massage constitutes a form of synchronizationof energiesbetween the healer and the patient.

The real value of Thetahealing lies in its potential for influencing the behavior of patients, including behavior modification.Whereas in modern medicine, patients tend to believe that they are victims of their diseases, this healing methodremoves such thinking, and other such negativities from patients thoughts, making them healers themselves who can effect their own healing.
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Traditional Medicine In Modern Times

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This article was published on 2010/12/01