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Not sure what is meant by the term traditionally-styled swimwear? Read on to learn more about how retro is making a big splash in modern pools.

When someone says that they prefer traditional styled swimwear, they are usually talking about the overall shape and design of the product. While new and more modern designs usually incorporate fun and fashionable features, people who know and trust a retro style see no use in making a great product flashier just for the sake of things. Traditional styled swim gear tends to be no fuss, simple and to the point.

Traditional Goggles

While Swedish Goggles and streamlined mirrored finishes might be all the rage in some swim circles, traditionally styled goggles are still popular for swimmers of all ages. A classic goggle design features soft, padded gaskets, a no fuss nose bridge and tight fitting, adjustable straps. After all, if you’re just swimming laps in your local pool, what more do you need?! A perfect example of a traditional goggle would be the Speedo Hydrospex Classic Goggle This recreational goggle fits comfortably and is so versatile that it can be used when and wherever necessary.

Traditional Swim Cap

The most common type of traditional swim cap is the bubble, or crepe, cap. While you don’t have to go as retro as a flower-covered cap, there are plenty of options available if you’re interested in donning a traditionally styled cap. Modernized versions of older classics can both give off that retro vibe and incorporate newer materials for a snug fitting, snag-free fit. Take the Speedo Silicone Bubble Cap, for example. Its retro design is made from 100% soft silicone and helps keep thick or long hair more streamlined during your swim. And while no cap can keep hair completely dry, it does a great job at keeping nearly all the water out while you’re in the pool.

Traditional Kickboard

There are kickboards that bend, curve, feature cutouts and handholds, but nothing beats the performance and simplicity of a traditional kickboard. Retro styled kickboard are consist of a flat piece of durable foam with a slight water-slicing curve in the front. Their no fuss design has remained a favorite with coaches and athletes for decades. The Speedo Adult Kickboard is a perfect example of a traditionally styled kickboard. Made from EVA foam, it is the ideal shape for kicking drills and overall training in the water.

Traditional Nose Clip

Modern designs have even infiltrated the ever-traditional nose clip model. But when an old favorite serves it’s purpose so simply and perfectly, many retro-inspired swimmers don’t feel the need to constantly update their style. The Water Gear Laxto Nose Clip  is one of the most popular clips used by synchronized swimmers and elite aquatic athletes. They are unadorned, easy to use and do great jobs at keeping water out of the nasal cavity. In fact, the Laxto nose clips were introduced for the 1952 Olympics and have been a favorite ever since.




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Traditionally Styled Swimwear

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This article was published on 2012/11/08